Our Design Team

Design. It’s in our blood. It’s what sets us apart. It’s everything.

Our designers come from diverse backgrounds in architecture, sculpture and even jewelry design. They possess a wealth of knowledge and a deep respect for all art forms. They work individually and as a team, brainstorming, sketching, meeting and critiquing, often pushing themselves and each other to create designs that celebrate form, materials and artistry that can only be achieved through hand-crafted design.

Working closely with prototyping, engineering and manufacturing, our designers see their sketches and maquettes come to life. Our designers are inspired by the organic nature of the materials: the warmth and character of the finished metal is the preferred design intent of our lighting. We understand that consumers are bringing art and design into their homes or workplaces when they invest in Hubbardton Forge lighting. They care about design. So do we.

“Our primary muse is the steel we forge. We are always experimenting with what can be done next with steel and other metals.” —David Kitts, Design Director



 So many accolades… you’re making us blush.

We are humbled to have received so many kudos over the years, and in 2019, we were honored to receive the most prestigious awards in our industry. First, in January, Hubbardton Forge was the Winner of not just one, but two ARTS Awards. One for Green Manufacturer of the year across all Home Décor categories, and a second award as the Lighting Category Winner. Then, bookending the year, HF was honored by the design community with the coveted Interior Design 2019 Best of Year Award for our ABACUS design.




“Our LED light guide gives our designers a platform to integrate steel and light in either a very subtle manner, as in our Planar Pendant or it can become part of the drama of the light fixture, as exemplified in our new Sling Pendant.” —David Kitts, Design Director

In 2015, we introduced an LED light guide platform. The light from the LED is injected into the sides of the light guide plate to create one uniform light source on the top and bottom surfaces. These thin light emitting surfaces create a consistent diffused light, perfect for highlighting decorative elements and bright enough for functional applications. Since its initial introduction, our LED light guide has evolved to become as sculptural as it is illuminating. The light guide is curved and formed. becoming part of the fixture’s overall sculpture, as in the best-selling Zephyr and Mobiüs Pendants, or the new 2020 Sling Pendant.

Our LED direction is simple: to offer an energy efficient solution that enhances, not detracts from, the beauty of our designs. We have been carefully and methodically developing LEDs to ensure that our fixtures will continue to display the beauty, quality and durability that have become synonymous with the Hubbardton Forge brand.

To do it correctly, there is no single solution. Color quality, efficacy, CRI, and longevity are all variables that depend on how that particular fixture incorporates the LED in its design. We partnered with a local Vermont LED manufacturer who understands our product and has the capability of custom designing LED solutions that give us the best product possible.

One of the questions that continues to be asked about LEDs is whether or not the color quality has increased to the point that it is suitable for most interior building applications. Perhaps no better proof of the high quality of color that LEDs can provide is the fact that the Mona Lisa herself is now illuminated with LED at the Louvre in Paris.